COVID 19 Updates

  • HYC Update from the Executive Board

    Although the clubhouse is still closed and there are a lot of restrictions in place, there are a lot of good things happening at HYC too.  We have been approved by the Hull Harbormaster to run our launch service once we are ready.  Our biannual USCG Drydock Inspection is scheduled for June 5th.  Assuming that goes well, we will then be able to launch the boats and do our annual in water inspection.  We hope to be up and running in mid-June.  As we get closer, we will send out a firm date along with the launch policy/procedures.  Please note that this delay in service has been due to the USCG not inspecting boats and our date being delayed.  Other clubs that may be running most likely are on their off year for Drydock Inspection.

    As required by the state, we will now be using a Contact Tracing Logbook.  This will be located at the main entrance to the club and is to be filled out by everyone entering the club no matter the duration.  It will be a sign in/sign out with a few other details.  There will be a sanitation station with the logbook.  The book will be out when Sue or the launch drivers are on duty.  In the off hours we plan to use a passive camera system to capture people arriving and leaving the club.

    The clubhouse remains closed to everyone except employees and those who are attending to tasks approved by the E-Board.  We are however moving forward with cleaning and necessary inspections so when we are able to offer clubhouse access, we will be ready. 

    Please remember that the posted policies in place must be followed.  Most importantly:

    • Masks are always mandatory at HYC
    • Social distancing for those not from the same household
    • No Guests at anytime

    Sue and the launch staff will be reminding members who are not in compliance.  Please share this info with all members of your household.  We cannot jeopardize being able to operate the club by not complying with these policies that have been handed down to us.

    This year is a very different year at HYC, and we are all in this together.  We are honored to be on the Executive Board and often get asked by members, what can I do to help?  Please comply with all of these COVID related restrictions.  Help us keep HYC safe for everyone and we will get through this.

    Thank you.

    HYC Executive Board

  • COVID-19 Guidelines for Hull Yacht Club

    The following guidelines are in effect for the entire Hull Yacht Club facilities and grounds.

    • Masks must be worn at all times while on club premises.
    • Members only – no guests.
    • Maintain social distance of 6 ft. at all times.
    • No unaccompanied children.
    • No Ice until clubhouse opens.
    • Trash: Carry in / carry out.

    All of the guidelines are based on the recommendations for recreational boating that Governor Baker issued May 18, 2020.

  • Hoist and Dry Sail Guidelines
    • Wipe down hoist hook, box and controller before and after use.
    • When available, an employee will operate the hoist.
    • No shed usage at any time.

  • Docks and Ramp Guidelines
    • Dock access limited to persons using dinghies
    • One person, or household, on ramp at a time. No passing.
    • No swimming
    • Wait in turn for dinghy access using social distancing of 6 ft.
    • 2 boats allowed at dock at one time and on opposite sides for maximum of 30 minutes
    • No loitering on ramps or docks.
    • No assistance with docking or tying lines

  • Clubhouse and Porch Guidelines
    • No clubhouse entrance at any time. Employees only.
    • One-way entering and leaving the porch. When arriving, use main Entrance only. When leaving, use ramp side of porch.
    • No congregating on porch
    • No use of picnic tables and no grilling
    • Request cart usage from an employee. Usage on ramp side of clubhouse only.

  • Letter from the Commodore

    I hope that everyone is staying healthy and managing these uncertain times the best they can.  The Executive Board has a standing meeting every Monday in which we discuss the most recent news, restrictions and latest scuttlebutt from the surrounding clubs and marinas so that we can continue to plan to the best of our abilities, the opening of our club.

    We do not know yet what that opening might look like.  We continue to take direction from the government and make plans in the background so that we can take advantage of whatever leniencies are afforded to us as soon as they become known.  This includes use of the docks, porch, clubhouse and grounds. 

    As a minimum goal, we are planning to have the docks in the water so that individuals can have access to their boats with the use of their dinghy’s.  The dock committee is putting together a team that can get the docks in without opening it up to the membership.  We are currently still restricted by how many people can gather.  We hope to have this done by the second week of May. 

    The Launch service will not be available until mid-June at the earliest.  There are Coast Guard out of the water inspections that need to be done to the boats and those should be taking place in early June.  This process is separate from whether we can operate them once they are inspected.  That will be decided by the state.  We are currently discussing different plans on how we can safely operate the launch once we are given the ok.  

    The clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.  There are improvement projects being completed by individuals and small teams as we speak.  For your safety and for theirs, we ask that you not go to the club so that we can continue to work and get these jobs completed. 

    We will keep you posted on our progress.  When new information is available that allows us to take another step in the right direction, we will send an email and update our Facebook page.  I want to thank all of you for your continued support and understanding.  Stay safe, stay positive and stay tuned.


    Kevin Logue