HYC protocol and launch service update

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We’re pleased to announce the launch service has started. Hours and changes will be posted on the website beginning Monday 6/15. Currently, the launch is running from 8 am to 9 pm daily. The launches will be disinfected between each run.

With the state’s move to phase 2, we can allow guests to accompany members. Please remember that the posted policies must be followed.

Most importantly: Please remember:

  • Masks are always mandatory at HYC
  • Social distancing for those not from the same household
  • Register IN the Contact Tracing Logbook

The launch drivers have been trained in the regulations of how many people, with a maximum of two households, they can take on a single journey. Please be patient and respectful to the drivers especially at high volume times when they are under the most stress. They will guide you to your location on the launch and SHOW YOU the protocol for boarding and disembarking.

The clubhouse remains closed to everyone except employees and those who are attending to tasks approved by the E-Board.

Thank you.

HYC Executive Board