COVID-19 Update from the Commodore

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and managing these uncertain times the best they can.  The Executive Board has a standing meeting every Monday in which we discuss the most recent news, restrictions and latest scuttlebutt from the surrounding clubs and marinas so that we can continue to plan to the best of our abilities, the opening of our club.

We do not know yet what that opening might look like.  We continue to take direction from the government and make plans in the background so that we can take advantage of whatever leniencies are afforded to us as soon as they become known.  This includes use of the docks, porch, clubhouse and grounds. 

As a minimum goal, we are planning to have the docks in the water so that individuals can have access to their boats with the use of their dinghy’s.  The dock committee is putting together a team that can get the docks in without opening it up to the membership.  We are currently still restricted by how many people can gather.  We hope to have this done by the second week of May. 

The Launch service will not be available until mid-June at the earliest.  There are Coast Guard out of the water inspections that need to be done to the boats and those should be taking place in early June.  This process is separate from whether we can operate them once they are inspected.  That will be decided by the state.  We are currently discussing different plans on how we can safely operate the launch once we are given the ok.  

The clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.  There are improvement projects being completed by individuals and small teams as we speak.  For your safety and for theirs, we ask that you not go to the club so that we can continue to work and get these jobs completed. 

We will keep you posted on our progress.  When new information is available that allows us to take another step in the right direction, we will send an email and update our Facebook page.  I want to thank all of you for your continued support and understanding.  Stay safe, stay positive and stay tuned.


Kevin Logue