Hull Yacht Club Bylaws 

Article I. Name 

The name of this club shall be the Hull Yacht Club, Inc.  

Article II. Purposes 

The purposes of this club are to encourage the sport of yachting; to promote the science  of seamanship and navigation; to maintain a suitable place for  

Meetings and anchorage for recreation and use of its members; and to develop good  fellowship and sociability among its members and guests.  

Article III. The Club Flag 

The club flag shall be a pointed burgee with bright red field, with navy blue bars  crossing from point to luff to opposite selvage edge. Luff to measure sixteenths  Of entire length of flag; width of bars one-tenth; and center of star three-tenths from luff.  

Article IV. Officers 

The officers of the club shall be the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore,  Secretary (who shall be Clerk of the Corporation and Secretary of the  Executive Committee) and Treasurer. A vacancy in any office may be filled by the  Executive Committee for the unexpired term.  

Article V. Officers’ Flags  

Section 1a. The Commodore’s flag shall be a white fouled anchor, circled by thirteen  white, five-pointed stars, on a blue field.  

Section 1b. The Vice Commodore’s flag shall be a white fouled anchor, circled by  thirteen white, five-pointed stars, on a red field.  

Section 1c. The Rear Commodore’s flag shall be a red fouled anchor, circled by thirteen  red, five-pointed stars, on a white field.  

Section 2. The Officers ‘flags shall be of equal size and dimensions. The luff shall  measure two-thirds of the overall length. 

Article VI. Committees  

Section 1. There shall be an Executive Committee with the powers of a Board of  Directors. It shall be composed of the officers of the club and four Additional members,  one of whom shall be the outgoing Commodore, the other three ‘at large’ members,  being elected at the annual meeting. The Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear  Commodore’s term shall not exceed two consecutive years. The Past Commodore’s  term shall coincide with the Commodore’s term. ‘At large’ member term shall not exceed  six consecutive years.  

Section 2. There shall be a Membership Committee. This Committee shall be appointed  by the Executive Committee. 

Section 3. There shall be a Senior Race Committee of at least five members and a  Junior Race Committee of at least five members. These Committees shall be elected at  the annual meeting. 

Section 4. There shall be a House Committee consisting of at least five members. This  committee shall be elected at the annual meeting.  

Section 5. There shall be a Social Committee consisting of at least five members. This  committee shall be elected at the annual meeting.  

Section 6. There shall be a Boat Committee of at least five members. This committee  shall be elected at the annual meeting.  

Section 7. There shall be a Float & Hoist Committee of at least five members. This  committee shall be elected at the annual meeting.  

Section 8. There shall be a Nominating Committee of five members. This committee  shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. No member shall be appointed to the  Nominating Committee who has served on the Nominating Committee for the previous  year. 

Section 9. There shall be a Bar Committee of at least three members. This committee  shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. 

Section 10. There shall be a Rental Committee of at least three members. This  committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.  

Section 11. The Executive Committee shall designate one member of each committee  to be its chairman, except as otherwise provided in the bylaws. 

Article VII. Duties of the Officers and Committees  

Section 1. Commodore. It shall be the duty of the Commodore to take command of the  fleet, preside at all meetings of the club and of the Executive Committee and enforce all  laws and regulations of the club. He/she shall make a general report for the Executive  Committee at the annual meeting of the club. The Commodore shall be the chief  executive officer of the corporation.  

Section 2. Vice Commodore. It shall be the duty of the Vice Commodore to assist the  Commodore in the discharge of his/her duties as he/she shall be called upon to do by  the Commodore and, in the absence of the Commodore or in the event of a vacancy in  the office, to officiate in his/her stead. The Vice Commodore will be chairman of the  Nominating Committee  

Section 3. Rear Commodore. It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assist the  Commodore and Vice Commodore in the discharge of their respective duties as he/she  shall be called upon to do by either of them, and in the absence of the Commodore and  Vice Commodore or in the event of vacancies in these offices, to officiate in their stead.  The Rear Commodore will be responsible for the coordinating the creation of the yearly  calendar.  

Section 4. Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes of all  meetings of the club and of the Executive Committee; to keep a roll of the members; to  keep a list of the name, rig and ownership of all yachts belonging to members of the  club which are sent to him/her for registry; to advise new members of their election; and  to post in the club house the list of nominees reported by the Nominating Committee,  said list to be posted seven days before the date set for the annual meeting.  

Section 5. Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect all moneys payable  to the club; to have custody of all of the funds of the club; to disburse funds as ordered  by the Executive Committee; to keep an account of receipts and disbursements; to  make such returns as are required by the United States and the Commonwealth of  Massachusetts and to pay taxes incident thereto.  

Section 6a. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have charge and  control of the policy and finances of the club. It shall appropriate to the use of each  committee such sums of money as it may determine to be for the best interests of the  club and within its resources.  

Section 6b. It may make or authorize all necessary contracts but it shall have no power  to incur any debt or liability in excess of the reasonably anticipated income of the club,  any debt or liability beyond the anticipated income of the club must be handled  according to the provisions of Article IX, Section 2. 

Section 6c. It shall audit, or cause to be audited, annually the accounts of the Treasurer  at a fee that is reasonable and within the club’s budget. The fiscal year of the club shall  begin on January 1st and end on December 31st of each year.  

Section 6d. It shall have the power to fill any vacancies in committees which shall occur  during the year, the method of filling which is not otherwise provided for.  

Section 6e. The Executive Committee shall cause the bylaws and any amendments  thereto to be published and a copy of the same shall be made available to each  member by the Secretary.  

Section 6f.The Executive Committee may establish study or policy committees. These  committees will have a specific task with duration of not more than one year.  

Section 6g. The Executive Committee or its designated representative(s) is responsible  for the hiring, annual evaluations, and setting the pay scale for the Steward.  

Section 7. Membership Committee shall be responsible for the member application and  approval process.  

Section 8a. Race Committees. There shall be a Senior Race Committee and a Junior  Race Committee, each of which shall have charge of its respective regattas,  competitions and arrangements thereof. Each committee shall enforce the proper  observance of the Racing Rules and Regulations of the club and the respective  committee. Each committee shall notify the members of all regattas and competitions to  be conducted by it or under its jurisdiction.  

Section 8b. Each committee shall, immediately after receipt of the report of the judges  of a regatta or competition, post the same; each committee shall procure and award  prizes and give notice to the donor of any prize of the winner thereof; and keep and file  with the Secretary an official record of all races conducted by it.  

Section 8c. The Race Committee’s flag shall be a blue rectangle with the two letters RC  centered in white.  

Section 8d. The Junior Race Committee is responsible for the hiring, annual  evaluations, and setting the pay scale for the Junior Race Staff. 

Section 9. House Committee. The House Committee shall have the general  supervisions and care of the club house and all property contained therein and of the  club grounds and landings. It shall make all necessary purchases for the proper  maintenance, care and replacement of the same within the appropriations made by the  Executive Committee thereof. It shall have the power to prescribe rules and regulations  for the proper use and governing of the club house, grounds and landings and to cause  the same to be posted in a conspicuous place or places. It shall select employees,  determine their compensation and fix charges for the use of the club facilities, subject to  the ratifications of the Executive Committee.  

Section 10. Social Committee. The Social Committee shall arrange and conduct the  social activities of the club.  

Section 11. Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee, elected in accordance  with provisions of Article VI, Section 8, shall nominate a list of officers and committee  members to be elected at the annual meeting to serve for the following year. All  nominees shall be members of the club in good standing. The Committee shall submit  the list of nominees to the Secretary, and the Secretary shall post such list at the club  not less than one week before the date set for the annual meeting. No other members  shall be eligible for election unless he/she is nominated, in writing, by ten other  members. This nomination must be delivered before the annual meeting is called to  order. If in proper form, such nomination shall be included by the Secretary in the list of  Nominees to be voted on at the meeting.  

Section 12. Bar Committee. The Bar Committee is responsible for establishing the bar  regulations, complying with local and state regulations, schedules, and for the hiring,  annual evaluations, and setting the pay scale for the bar staff.  

Section 13. Rental Committee. The rental Committee is responsible for maintaining the  rental calendar, approving club and non club rentals.  

Article VIII. Meetings  

Section 1. There shall be an annual meeting of the club during each year for the  purpose of electing all officers and committees as proposed in these bylaws, and  receiving the reports of the officers and committees. Notice of the annual meeting shall  be made available to each member of the club at least seven days before the day set  for the meeting. The date of the annual meeting shall be set by the Executive  Committee.  

Section 2. There shall be a meeting of the club on a date set by the Executive  Committee, which date shall be not more than four weeks and not less than two weeks  before the annual meeting, for the purpose of electing members of the Nominating  Committee as provided in Article VI, Section 8. Notice of the meeting shall be made  available to each member at least seven days before the date set for the meeting. 

Section 3. Special meetings of the club may be held when called by the Commodore or  shall be held within 14 days when requested in writing addressed to the Executive  Committee by at least 10 voting members in good standing. In both cases, notice of the  special meeting shall be sent to each member by the Secretary at least seven days  before the date set for the meeting which notice shall state the purpose of the meeting.  

Section 4. Fifteen voting members shall constitute a quorum and all decisions and  resolutions must be adopted by a majority vote of those members present, except as  otherwise provided herein.  

Section 5. The following order of business shall be observed at all meetings of the club  to the extent applicable and shall not be departed from except by a two-thirds vote of  the members present:  

1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting which shall stand approved unless  corrected  

2. Report of the Executive Committee  

3. Report of the Secretary  

4. Report of the Treasurer  

5. Report of the House Committee  

6. Report of the Senior Race Committee  

7. Report of the Junior Race Committee  

8. Report of the Social Committee  

9. Report of the Nominating Committee  

10. Elections  

11. Unfinished business  

12. New business  

13. Adjournment  

Article IX. Elections and Method of Voting  

Section 1. Officers and members of committees shall be elected by vote at the annual  meeting and shall serve for one year and until their successors are elected and have  accepted their election. Officers and committee members so elected shall take office on  October 1.  

Section 2. At all contested elections, or whenever an amendment of these bylaws, or a  proposed purchase, sale, mortgage or assessment is to be voted upon, official ballots  prepared by the Secretary shall be used, except that the use of such ballots, in whole or  in part, may be dispensed with by vote of two thirds of the members present.  

Section 3. Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of the club.  

Section 4. A member not in good standing shall not be entitled to vote nor to enjoy the  Privileges of membership. 

Article X. Membership  

Section 1a. Full Membership. Full Membership shall consist of an individual or family  group including all their children less than 25 years of age. A Full Membership is eligible  for one vote, to hold office, be appointed to a committee, and all other club privileges.  

Section 1b Junior Membership. A Junior Member is an individual or individual and  spouse that is less than 31 years of age as of June 1st. A Junior Membership is eligible  for one vote, to hold office, be appointed to a committee, and all other club privileges.  

Section 1c. Social Membership. Social Membership shall consist of any former or  present member in good standing or any applicant approved by the Membership  Committee and the Executive Committee. A social member shall be entitled to bar and  dining room privileges only and shall have no voting rights. A social member may serve  on the Social Committee, Junior Race Committee or other committee if agreed to by a  majority of the Executive Committee.  

Section 1d. Lifetime Honorary Membership. The Executive Committee, at any regular or  special meeting may see fit to so honor. The election of a Lifetime Honorary Member  shall be by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at such meeting. Lifetime  Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the club privileges except holding  office.  

Section 1e. Annual Honorary Membership. Each year the Executive Committee may  appoint to an Annual Honorary Membership, certain benefactors of the club (who in no  way should be considered Lifetime Honorary Members) and who shall not be eligible to  vote, hold office or be appointed to a committee.  

Section 2. Application for membership must be made to the Secretary in writing on a  form provided for that purpose, must bear the recommendation of two members in good  standing who personally know the applicant and must be accompanied by the initiation  fee established from time to time by the Executive Committee, which fee shall be  returned to the applicant if the application is rejected. The application shall be  transmitted by the Secretary to the Membership Committee which shall then review and  investigate the application for membership and report its findings and recommendations  to the Executive Committee for final action. If the annual dues of a newly elected  member are not paid within 30 days of the billing, said election shall be void. 

Article XI. Dues, Fees, and Assessments  

Section 1. Dues of all members shall be due and payable on April 1 of each year.  

Section 2. Members elected after September 1 shall be exempt from payment of dues,  fees, and assessments for the current year.  

Section 3. A member who has not paid his/her dues by May 1 shall be considered  forfeited and the name dropped from the rolls.  

Section 4. All fees and/or assessments, other than dues, shall be due and payable  within 30 days after the billing thereof, if such fees and assessments remain unpaid 30  days after notification, the membership shall be considered forfeited and the name  dropped from the rolls.  

Section 5. No other assessment shall be imposed unless it is approved by a two-thirds  vote of the membership present at a meeting, the call for which has expressly listed the  proposed amount of the assessment to be considered.  

Section 6. The dues for membership and all other fees shall be proposed annually by  the appropriate committees and approved by the Executive Committee.  

Article XII. Suspension and Expulsion  

Section 1. The Club may suspend, expel or otherwise discipline any Member, the  Spouse of a Member or one or more of the Member’s Children, for committing any  violation of these Bylaws or the Rules and Regulations, for conduct unbecoming a  

Member, for any offense against the best interests of the Club or for other good and  sufficient cause as determined by the Club.  

Section 2. The member so charged shall be furnished with a copy of the charges and  shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the Executive Committee.  

Section 3. If the Executive Committee determines that there has been a violation of any  provision of the Bylaws or any rule of the Club, or any unbecoming conduct on the part  of any member or of any spouse, child, or guest of a member, or conduct in or outside  the Club premises which may, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, impair or be  harmful to the good order, welfare, character or reputation of the Club or its members,  the Executive Committee, in its discretion may (a) by a majority vote suspend the  member from all rights and privileges of membership for up to one year, or (b) by a two  thirds vote, may declare the membership forfeited and no person who is part of said  membership shall be admitted to the premises of the club unless and until said  membership is reinstated. 

Section 4. A Member who has been suspended pursuant to these Bylaws is required to  pay dues in full. No portion of any fee or dues previously paid by a suspended Member  shall be refunded or prorated. During the period of suspension, the Member and his or  her Children shall have no right or privileges to use the Facilities.  

Article XIII. Yacht Enrollment  

Any yacht owned wholly or in part by a club member may be enrolled in the club fleet  upon the filing with the Secretary a description of the yacht comprising her name,  ownership, dimensions, rig, signal and the name and address of the builder, if known.  

Article XIV. Guests  

Section 1. None but members and their guests shall be admitted to the club house and  each member shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her guests.  

Section 2. The privileges of the club house and landings, at the discretion of the  Executive Committee, may be extended to visiting yachtsmen or to others.  

Article XV. Amendments to the Bylaws  

The bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at any  annual or special meeting, provided that the proposed amendment or amendments be stated in full in the notice of the meeting.  

Article XVI. Club Calendar  

Annual the club calendar established with the following guidelines;  March 1st, Senior and Junior Race schedules will be established. April 1st, Social  events and dates will be established, after April 1st, the Rental  

Committee will begin scheduling non club events.  

Article XVII. Policies  

Each Committee is responsible for reviewing and keeping current its policies. Policies  should be reviewed annually and recommended changes will be submitted to the  Executive Committee for approval.  

Revision History: 

March 27, 2010 – New version submitted to the membership for approval.  March 2, 2010 – Proposed rewrite unanimously approved by the Executive Board.  December 2010 – Executive board creates subcommittee to review and proposes  updates to current bylaws. 

April 11, 2015 – Remove Monthly payment clause Article XII.

October 31, 2021 – Allow lifetime honorary membership voting privileges.  Move the dues payment date up one month from May to April.