Code of Conduct

Hull Yacht Club

Jr. Race Program Code of Conduct & Safety

1. Life jackets must be worn at all times while sailing or on the dock.

2. Swimming from the floats is permitted only under the supervision and with the permission of the sailing instructor.

3. No pushing, shoving or running on the floats or dock.

4. Sailors may not leave the floats, docks or sailing area without the sailing instructor’s permission.

5. Guests or friends are not allowed during the class time.

6. Sailors must stay within a reasonable distance of instructor’s boat during instruction time. (Exception: during race)

7. Powerboats and large sailboats have the right of way in the harbor. Be polite and courteous to them.

8. Sailors are not to intentionally capsize without the instructor’s permission. Always stay with capsized boat.

9. Each participant is responsible for his/her own equipment and must be respectful of other’s equipment.

10. Each participant is expected to:

a. Pay attention to instructors

b. Control temper and language

c. Remain courteous to others.

d. Obey all rules and regulations of Hull Yacht Club

11. Sandals or any open toe shoe cannot be worn during class.

12. Expulsion: Weapons, fighting, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vandalism or fire setting will get you expelled on the spot.

13. Unacceptable behavior can result in “beaching” (Child will not be allowed to attend program on the following day.) Inappropriate language, threatening behavior, horseplay, failure to obey the staff and other such violations will result in beaching.

14. Respect for sailing instructors, peers and adults in the club is required and expected.

15. No sailor is allowed to drive or even touch the controls on any of the instructor boats. Immediate beaching will be the consequence.

16. No climbing on the Opti racks.

Each sailor must have a signed copy of the Code of Conduct at the beginning of the season.

Download the form here.