Executive Board and Committee Chairs

Executive Board

  • Commodore: Charlie O’Connor
  • Vice Commodore: Malee Nuesse
  • Rear Commodore: Eifion James
  • Past Commodore: Kevin Logue
  • Secretary: Lanny Day
  • Treasurer: Alden Wells
  • Member-at-Large: Sally Chisholm  
  • Member-at-Large: Andy Kurtz
  • Member-at-Large: Lili Hayes 

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Membership Committee

  • Chair: Vicky Dromey 
  • Members: Ginger Jensen, Joanne Pearson, Sharon Browne, Nan Doyle
  • E-Board Liaison: Sally Chisholm

House Committee

  • Chair: Jason Hibbard 
  • Members: Jim Ray, Jim Fitzgerald, Dennis Foley, Butch Ustach, Stephen O’Duggan
  • E-Board Liaison: Eifion James

Senior Racing Committee

  • Chair: Dan Sullivan
  • Members: Tom Craig, Bill Bradford, Joe Berkeley, Joe O’Neil, Eifion James
  • E-Board Liaison: Andy Kurtz
Junior Sailing Committee
  • Chair: David Clinton 
  • Members: Elizabeth Naylor, Jason Frady, Ed Zalewski, Sarah Das, Geoff Roth, John Alexander, Tara Grosso, Lanny Day
  • E-Board Liaison: Malee Nuesse

Cruising Committee

  • Chair: Jim Strabak
  • Members: Ellen Leder, Bob Paul, Tim Joost, Fannie Joost
  • E-Board Liaison: Lili Hayes

Social Committee

  • Chair: Chad Wolfe
  • Members: Sharon Haggerty, Neil Buchleitner, Laurie Wells, Meghan Reilly, Marie Rockett, Tom Kennedy
  • E-Board Liaison: Charlie O’Connor

Bar Committee

  • Chair: Laurie McDowell 
  • Members: Cindi Haley, Eddie Liao, Heather Mahoney
  • Manager: Charlie O’Connor
  • E-Board Liaison: Kevin Logue

Rental Committee

  • Chair: Malee Nuesse
  • Members: Laurie Wells, Charlie O’Connor
  • E-Board Liaison: Sally Chisholm

Hoist & Float Committee

  • Chair: Chris Hanks 
  • Members: Josh Roth, David McGrath, John Alexander, Scott Klein
  • E-Board Liaison: Kevin Logue

Boat Committee

  • Chair: Ed Zalewski
  • Members: Jim Ray, Alan Stuart, Harry Chisholm, Tom Fisher, PJ Johnson, Robert Foley, Stephen O’Duggan, Josh Roth, Mike Broomhead, Mike Nuesse
  • E-Board Liaison: Kevin Logue

Planning Committee

  • Chair: Lili Hayes
  • Members: Brian Stanley, Alden Wells, Steve Clancy
  • E-Board Liaison: Kevin Logue

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Malee Nuesse
  • Members: Sharon Haggerty, Paula Fleck, Lisa Walsh
  • E-Board Liaison: Eifion James

Great Chase Committee

  • Chair: Charlie O’Connor
  • Co-Chair: Kevin Logue,
  • Members: Dave Curry, Jim Ray, Jim Fitzgerald, Bill Bradford, Mary Roche
  • E-Board Liaison: Andy Kurtz

Please use the Contact Us page to contact any member of the above Committees.