Executive Board and Committee Chairs

2024 Executive Board

  • Commodore: Malee Nuesse
  • Vice Commodore: Eifion James
  • Rear Commodore: Chad Wolfe
  • Secretary: Lanny Day
  • Treasurer: Alden Wells
  • Member-at-Large: Andy Kurtz
  • Member-at-Large: Heather Mahoney McDonnell
  • Member-at-Large: Katherine Steen

Please use the Contact Us page to contact a member of the Executive Board.

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Sally Chisholm 
  • Members: Joanne Pearson, Mike Hebert, Nan Doyle, Charlie Wasson, Chandelle Schultze
  • E-Board Liaison: Malee Nuesse

House Committee

  • Chair: Jason Hibbard 
  • Members: Jim Fitzgerald, Dennis Foley, Butch Ustach, Katherine Steen
  • E-Board Liaison: Eifion James

Senior Racing Committee

  • Chair: Dan Sullivan
  • Members: Joe Berkeley, Bill Bradford, Bob Foley, Tom Craig, Tod Riedel,  John O’Neil, Jason Frady
  • E-Board Liaison: Andy Kurtz
Junior Sailing Committee
  • Chair: David Clinton / Nancy O'Connor
  • Members: Ed Zalewski, Geoff Roth, Emma Eriksson Broomhead, Marc Bucklan, Elizabeth Naylor, 
  • Program Director: Lindsay Quezada
  • E-Board Liaison: Lanny Day / Eifion James

Cruising Committee

  • Chair: John Maichle
  • Members: Jim Skrabak, Bob Flaherty, Bob Paul, Tim Joost, Fannie Joost, Barry LaBonte
  • E-Board Liaison: Heather Mahoney McDonnell

Social Committee

  • Chair: Sharon Haggerty
  • Members: Laurie Wells, Neil Buchleitner, Dennis Zaia, Anita Parillo Shine, Leslie Zella, Brian Joyce, Tanya Joyce, Mary Johnson
  • E-Board Liaison: Chad Wolfe

Bar Committee

  • Chair: Eddie Liao
  • Members: Cyndi Haley, Heather Mahoney McDonnell, Laurie McDowell
  • Bar Manager: Jason Frady
  • E-Board Liaison: Alden Wells

Rental Committee

  • Chair: Heather Mahoney McDonnell
  • Members: Laurie Wells, Sharon Haggerty, Emma Eriksson Broomhead
  • E-Board Liaison: Malee Nuesse

Hoist & Float Committee

  • Chair: Chris Hanks 
  • Members: Josh Roth, David McGrath, John Alexander, Scott Klein, Grant Sayian
  • E-Board Liaison: Katherine Steen

Boat Committee

  • Chair: Sue Ribeiro
  • Members: Harry Chisholm, Tom Fisher, PJ Johnson, Robert Foley, Mike Broomhead, Mike Nuesse, Kevin Logue, CJ Steen, Ed Zalewski
  • E-Board Liaison: Eifion James

Planning Committee

  • Chair: Andy Kurtz
  • Members: Bill Bradford, Brian Stanley, Steve Clancy, Dave Clinton, Peter Mahoney, Alden Wells, 
  • E-Board Liaison: Chad Wolfe

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Eifion James
  • Members: Jason Hibbard, Maite Diez, Irene Good
  • E-Board Liaison: Katherine Steen

Great Chase Committee

  • Chair: Mary Roche, Kevin Logue
  • Members: Dave Curry, Jim Fitzgerald, Bill Bradford
  • E-Board Liaison: Lanny Day


Communications Committee

  • Co-Chair: Laurie McDowell
  • Co-Chair: Laura Scott
  • Members: Marie Rocket, Tod Riedel, Guy duPlessis, Sarah McKenna, Lisa Lepori
  • E-Board Liaison: Malee Nuesse

Please use the Contact Us page to contact any member of the above Committees.


About Commodore Malee Nuesse

I have been a Hull Yacht Club member for more than 25 years with 11 of them on the executive board. I started my volunteerism as the chair to the Social Committee, launched Tide Lines and the printed wall calendar, served as eBoard secretary for 5 years and worked my way up to Commodore today. I was never a racer, but always loved sailing and being on the water; all three of my daughters went through the Jr. Sailing program with Isabel briefly racing with the Laser Fleet while home during COVID.

My husband Mike and I have owned several sail boats since we were first married 35 years ago. Starting with a 1940’s Dark Harbor 20 wooden day-sailor, we cruised Boston Harbor and surrounding areas for many years until it was sailed back (with no motor or running lights) to its original home in Islesboro Maine by Mike and a friend. We moved on to an 18’ wooden cat boat, then to a couple of Pearson sailboats and lastly, to power with Almost Home, our fun 35’ Bruno Stillman sport cruiser. Sailing was always "the" destination, now we motor to it.

Recently retired from my professional career in subscription marketing management for the newspaper industry and now a ceramic artist, I plan to bring my organizational, innovative and leadership skills to my role as Commodore.

Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime with suggestions, comments or concerns at commodore@hullyc.org.