Race Management

When you join a sailing club, there are many ways to actively participate.  One of the most popular (and obvious) ways is by racing sailboats. The Hull Yacht Club is one of the most active racing clubs in Mass Bay for both adults and youth.  It is a common to walk onto the porch and to be asked to jump on to a boat to go racing.  But there is another great way to actively participate in the sailboat racing, and that is by joining the Race Management Team.  The team is made up of some active racers but the majority are not. They are individuals who want to be involved, they want to watch the beauty of sailboats racing across the bay and feel all the excitement of being part of a great sport.  Many also like learning all that is involved in running successful races like:

  • Choosing and setting courses to give competitors the best possible races;
  • Adjusting the course in response to changing conditions;
  • Staring and finishing the fleets;
  • Ensuring the safety of competitors; and,
  • Helping resolve disputes when a foul occurs on the course.

The Hull Yacht Club Race Committee run races every Wednesday and Thursday evening, Sunday afternoons, and several weekend days during the summer. For each race we  have a mix of both seasoned veterans and newbies.  Training is done onboard.  The club provides a 36’ stable vessel for the Race Committee to work from.

This summer, if you are looking to get more out of being on the water, join the Race Management Team! HYC Race Committees always welcome new volunteers who want to learn how to start and finish a race (and everything in between) and finally figure out what all those flags on the Race Committee boat really mean.

Please reach out to us using the Contact Us page and we will certainly be in touch!