Rhodes 19


Designed over 50 years ago by Philip Rhodes, the Rhodes 19 is an exciting, one-design sailboat that offers both great family day sailing and competitive racing. The Rhodes 19 Class Association has been actively supporting Rhodes 19 sailors, events, and regattas for over 30 years.

The Hull Yacht Club's Rhodes 19 fleet together with the Hingham Yacht Club's Rhodes 19 fleet combine to represent Fleet 46 with a total fleet of approximately 30 racing boats.

Rhodes19- Fleet 46 2024 Summer Racing Schedule Coming Soon!

Rhodes 19 racing on Hull and Hingham Bay is an extremely popular event.  Racing is held on Thursday nights with a scattering of weekend regattas and always followed by a pot-luck dinner on the porch to recount strategy, congratulate winners and do a bit of trash talking.  For a sense of the evening, we invite you to read a recent recap of the evening's racing prepared by Joe Berkeley, 2021 and 2022 Fleet Captain below. 

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14 boats on the line, a great feast upon the picnic table

After the torrential rain, the Rhodes 19s that were covered with boom tents had water one inch beneath the floorboards. Those without covers boasted three inches of water above the floorboards, a new record.

Boats were bailed with enthusiasm, sails were rigged and 14 Rhodes 19s headed out to sweet Hull bay for some racing. The breeze started out as an Easterly, then clocked around in a circle before settling in at zero. Jason, Joel, and their team were on Harbinger on station without a mark boat.

No worries. Rhode Runnah took the leeward mark. Roger That! grabbed the pin. Fandango procured the weather mark. After a bit more waiting, the light started to get low.

It was time to place a bet as there would be enough light for one race, maybe two, but not enough time to wait, reset the course, and then race. The team put all of the chips on the breeze going north, despite the fact that the forecast was southwest.

Perhaps Ed Z should have taken the entire fleet treasury down to A Street Liquors and spent all of it on nip bottles of Gosling’s and scratchy tickets because the northerly filled, the entire fleet made it to the line, and there was much rejoicing at the prospect of racing in our beautiful bay.  Black cat’s paws clawed their way down the course and Dave Curry sailing single handed in Pyscho Killer had his hands full.

The RC got off a race then asked the fleet if we wanted another. “Winter is long, we come to race. One more please.” The RC obliged, dishing up another race.

The sun started to set, the fleet returned to safe harbor, the scores were tallied and announced. One-two, three-four, five-six, and ten-eleven were all decided by the Kiss Your Sister Rule, also known as the tie breaker. 

Those who came out ahead on the tiebreaker rule noted the just nature of the mechanism.  Here, here! A good outcome indeed! Those who came out behind demanded dueling pistols and Satisfaction, arm wrestling, or match racing in Lasers. 

While Charlie spun the platters, the picnic tables strained under the weight of pasta with meatballs, pasta with chicken, salad, and three kinds of desserts including Tod’s delicious S'mores.

The Hull Fleet Captain noted that next week, Steve Clancy and Joe Berkeley would be sailing the 110 Nationals (in separate boats) so would not be sailing Rhodes 19s. The fleet celebrated their upcoming absence and is looking forward to sailing without them. Thursday night, the 110 Nationals will be sharing the porch with the Rhodes fleet. There is a lot of crossover so don’t be surprised if you see Joe O’Neill reliving the glory days and hugging some old buddies. 

There is one Thursday night left in the 2021 Fall Season, then we have the Grab’N’Go the following week. Results for the Spring Series, Summer Series, Fall Series, and Year Series will be announced at the Grab’N’Go and all comers are invited to share their ideas for improving the quality of the racing and the on shore activities. Like all great organizations, the Hull Rhodes Fleet is made up of 100% Captains, 0% Privates. If you have an idea, be ready to roll up your sleeves to make it happen. 

Over the winter, I intend to upgrade some of the Hull Yacht Club intermediate marks. The mark representing the end of the starting line last night is top notch. It’s large, orange, and old eyes can see it in the distance. The faded leeward mark that is kinda-sorta-pink is ready to be retired. It’s crap. Ed Z notes we have some funds for marks and the expenditure will be a good one.

The Thursday night Hull racing is our signature event and overall it is in good shape. We could improve the experience by getting more boats on the line. Three boats we want out there in 2022: Josh Struzziery, Tom Craig, and Dave Curry as he is going to finish TOOLIN’ this fall with the encouragement of his Life Coach Bill Bradford.

It has been an honor to be the Hull Fleet Captain this season. The Thursday night series is a beautiful institution. I believe good racing begets more good racing. The competition, the camaraderie, and the Hearty Goodfellowship are a beautiful concoction. Like a Rhodes 19, the fleet thrives upon momentum. Let’s keep it moving forward. Thanks for reading.


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