2022 Club Renovations

Most of us plan our 10 hours of work credit in such a way that we get our legitimate hours but we try not to expend more than is absolutely necessary. Then there are Dennis Foley and Jim Ray. The combined hours these two have put into rebuilding our club, and I mean, rebuilding, not renovating, probably stretch into the high 100’s. All that reshingling last year? It didn’t happen without a deep dig into the rotting structure of the front of the porch. All the reshingling around the bar and north side these past 2 weeks? It required a major restructuring of the bar walls. And when you walk around their work site, you see that the bar floor has been completely covered with thick cardboard taped in such a way that it covers everything and can’t move. The trophy case is wrapped in a cardboard cocoon and taped such that  it won’t shift until it’s meant to be taken away. Every detail is considered, thought out and acted upon. How about tools? materials?, purchasing? planning? Yup, they do it all. Who knew that while shingles are secured with strong stainless steel staples, that there are some rows where there the shingle face of 5” is all you can install but that would mean seeing a gash from the attaching staples. Enter the surgical nails that these guys use in such spots. You can’t see the nails but Jim and Dennis know where they are needed.

  There is a second tier of individuals that may not have the absolute tonnage of hours but still exist in the hundreds category. Among them would be Butch Ustach who did as much last year as Jim and Dennis and always oversees the painting projects. As of this writing Butch is recovering from a broken leg and sending bikini thong updates from Hawaii to Jim and Dennis.

Then there are those who put in many hours beyond the minimum, people like Bill Furze, Tom Moore, and Mike Kelliher. There are many in the above and beyond category but none that approach the dedication and time of Jim and Dennis.

As you admire and take pride in the clubs appearance this year, please remember the ones who bundled up against the cold to get it all done.

- Submitted By Dan Sullivan (below right)